Garmin Venu Smartwatch Granite Blue with Silver Hardware

A wide selection of sports apps, easy-to-follow animated workouts and a strikingly Beautiful, bright AMOLED display create the seamless convergence of form and function. Listen to music without your phone, pay with a flick of your wrist, and stay connected with smart notifications on the stunning Venu. The beauty of Venu, paired with its exceptional battery life, makes it the accessory you’ll wear every moment of the day. See your body’s energy levels throughout the day, so you can find the best times for activity and rest. See how you’re breathing throughout the day, during sleep and during breathwork and yoga activities. The Pulse Ox sensor1 gauges your blood oxygen saturation during the day and as you sleep to show how well your body is absorbing oxygen. Get a full picture of how you’re sleeping with a breakdown of your light, deep and REM sleep stages as well as Pulse Ox1 and respiration data. The Garmin Connect™ app lets you track your cycle, log physical and emotional symptoms and learn about training and nutrition during each phase of your cycle. Get cycle tracking information right on your wrist. You’ll be able to see period reminders, cycle details and symptoms logged for the day. Staying hydrated is important for your well-being. Log your daily water intake to help you stay hydrated and see how consistent you are from day to day. The watch constantly samples your heart rate[2] and will alert you if it stays high while you’re at rest. It also helps gauge how hard you work during activities. Easily download songs to your watch, including playlists from your Spotify®, Deezer or Amazon Music accounts (subscription may be required). 

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Product description


  • Body Battery™ Energy Monitoring
  • Respiration Tracking
  • Pulse Ox Sensor
  • Advanced Sleep Monitoring
  • Menstrual Cycle Tracking
  • Stress Tracking
  • Hydration Tracking
  • Smart Notifications

Terms & Conditions:
[1]This is not a medical device and is not intended for use in the diagnosis or monitoring of any medical condition; see Pulse Ox not available in all countries.
[2]Activity tracking accuracy
[3]When paired with a compatible smartphone. For safety and tracking features requirements and limitations, see
[4]View current supported country, payment network and issuing bank information

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