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Use the Frequent Flyer calculator to convert and transfer your Amplify Points to frequent flyer points now or to set up Velocity Auto-Redemption.

You must use the calculator to convert your Amplify Points to Frequent Flyer points.

Please note: If you choose to set up Velocity Auto-Redemption, your entire Amplify Points balance will be transferred across to your nominated Velocity Frequent Flyer Account on your credit card statement date each month.*

Things you should know: You must be a member of the relevant Frequent Flyer program to redeem Amplify Points for Frequent Flyer points. The redemption of Frequent Flyer points are subject to the relevant Frequent Flyer program terms and conditions. *For Velocity Auto-Redemption only, you will receive 1 Velocity Point for every 2 Amplify Points and a minimum balance of 2 Amplify Points is required before a transfer is made to Velocity. All transfer of points will occur on your statement date. Velocity Auto-Redemption is a variation to the Amplify Rewards Terms and Conditions and allows you to automatically convert your Amplify Points to Velocity Points for less than 3,000 Amplify Points. The redemption of Amplify Points is otherwise subject to the Amplify Rewards Terms and Conditions. For all other Frequent Flyer redemptions, you must redeem a minimum of 3,000 Amplify Points with additional increments in multiples of 500 Amplify Points at a time. For one-off transfers, you should allow at least three business days for your Amplify Points to be converted to Frequent Flyer points.

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